Exchange and Returns

For the sake of your safety, Our-Company does not allow the return or replacement of its products, even if the product was on its original condition, except for products that reached you damaged only. Also, you can return the devices on condition that it was not used or open and it should be on its original condition as received from NICEONE.

Q: Is there a retrieve fee?

A: in retrieving a product in its original condition (not damaged), the retrieve fee will be paid by the customer and it is 19 SR. It will be deducted from the retrieved product’s price. In retrieving a damaged product, NICEONE will pay all fees.

Q: How can I replace / retrieve the damaged product?

A: Our customer service team will be pleased to inform you about this through sending a ticket on your order, or the customer service available in our “NICEONE” application or through the number 920033385 Provided that the replaced / recovered product is in its original condition and in its original packaging and has not been used or opened or changed the packaging features of the product.

Q: How long is it permissible to replace / retrieve the damaged product?

A: You can replace / retrieve the damaged product within 7 days of the purchase.

Q: How long does the replacement / recovery process take for the damaged product?

A: In case we work hard to satisfy you, it may take 10 business days for the replacement / retrieval process.

Q: In the recovery process, how do I recover the amount you paid?

A: The refund is made after the damaged product arrives and we confirm the condition, and then transfer the amount to your account immediately.

Q: In the process of replacement, what are the steps taken?

A: If you wish to replace the damaged product and choose the replacement product, please transfer the difference between the damaged product and the replacement product.

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