“The delivery of orders will be free of charge if the invoice value reaches 300 riyals, and if the order is less than 300 riyals, 35 riyals will be added to the shipping value.

You will receive your order within a maximum period of 2 to 5 working days, which is the shipping period, if the order did not arrive during this period, please contact us on the unified number of the Customer Happiness Center

After confirming the purchase process, we will send the shipment details and data via text message to your mobile phone as well as to your e-mail. This message contains a tracking number that can be used to track the status of your shipment, either by entering the number on the Armex website or by calling the following number in the Kingdom Saudi Arab

We  give great attention to sealing products tightly so that they arrive in the best condition, we are very sorry in the event that something happens outside of our control, in case there is any damage or damage to the product, God forbid, please contact directly with the Customer Happiness Center and we will solve the problem as soon as possible. Possible time on the number

Yes, you can specify the date you want to receive your order in a timely manner, you will be contacted by the Aramex delivery representative to determine the most appropriate time for the shipment to be delivered.

We have provided the simplest way to purchase, to ensure our customers an enjoyable shopping experience
The first method: through the online store
You must first create a new account from the top of the page, fill in all the required data, then confirm the account, now you can browse the store, select products and then add them to the shopping cart, after completing the selection, you have to go to finish the order, enter the shipping information and then choose The most appropriate payment method.
The second method: by calling
You can contact us by calling the Customer Happiness Center at

It is an online store only, all sales are done through the website where we do not have any showrooms or stores to display the products. Products that are selected from the online store are shipped from our warehouse through the express shipping company Aramex.

we have a system and accurate procedures to ensure that the product arrives as you requested, but in the event that a different request arrives from what you requested, please call the Customer Happiness Center and a date will be set to return the product through Armex and then a purchase voucher will be issued that enables you to choose any other product you wish with it .

We will provide discount coupons periodically and permanently, they may be discount coupons for a specific amount (50 riyals, for example) or in a certain percentage (25%), and each coupon has features and conditions that will be explained in detail, the discount coupon consists of a code that is sent to you by e-mail , When you want to use the coupon, enter the code in the space provided, and we will deduct the value of the coupon from the value of the order that you purchased directly, and this step will definitely be available after completing the purchase.

All that matters to us is your satisfaction, so we are pleased to provide you with an easy replacement service. If you want to replace any product that you received from us for any reason, please contact us directly.
Customer Happiness Center, you can also send a message to an email.
After making the return request, you will receive a message from us attached with the receipt number and the bill of lading number, then you must go to the nearest Aramex office to deliver the goods and the bill of lading number, then you must call the customer service center to confirm the process.

We guarantee a 100% safe shopping process and we have used all the available security means to use in this place, in case you forgot your password, you can easily reset the password by clicking on (My Account) then (Reset Password) and you will receive a message Elk Mail